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Plan A and Plan B

Every company’s business plan should include an emergency action plan. Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA) state: “An employer must have an emergency action plan whenever an OSHA standard in this part requires one. An emergency action plan must be in writing, kept in the work place, and available to employees for review. However, an employer with 10 or fewer employees may communicate the plan orally to employees.” This plan includes everything from evacuation routes, emergency phone numbers,

medical information and severe weather protocol. It’s basically a Plan B for normal business operations. Getting your business up and running quickly after a disaster also has a place on your emergency action plan.

An effective Plan B should be created and frequently updated. The plan can determine how you prepare for, execute during and recover from emergencies. Whenever you review your business plan, check your emergency plan. According to the OSHA, here are some questions to ask to make sure your plan is effective:

  • Is your plan current?

  • Do all of your employees know the plan and everyone involved in it?

  • Are your employees trained in safety, know their responsibilities in the

plan and are alerted to all changes?

  • Do you have an employee alarm system?

  • Do you have employees who perform medical duties?

  • Do they have a copy of the plan?

  • Have you run evacuation drills to show emergency evacuation processes

and routes?

  • Would employees know who to contact during an emergency?

  • Do you have a designated spokesperson?

  • Do you have emergency supplies?

For your business, lost time is lost revenue and customers. Working with ServiceMaster Restore® when you create your emergency action plan can minimize disruptions and efficiently get your business back in operation.

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